The club started in 2004 under the name H-DC Haguelands. The Harley club already existed before that, first as HOG South Holland Chapter and from 2000 as HOG Rijswijk Chapter and from 2002 as HOG Sweet Lake Chapter.

In 2004, the club retired from it’s HOG status and looked to join the Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe (FH-DCE). 

In 2006, H-DC Haguelands became a candidate member of the Federation, partly thanks to the support of the FH-DCE clubs Voorschoten and Eindhoven.

A year later, all federation clubs in Europe unanimously voted for full membership of H-DC Haguelands during the President’s Meeting in Ireland in 2007.


Is the motto of the H-DC Haguelands. Every year, in consultation with all its enthusiastic members, the board organizes numerous Ride Outs and Events, such as the opening Ride Out of the FH-DCN, a Charity Ride Out, the Zwoele avond Ride Out and the Kingsday Ride Out.

In addition, numerous events such as the New Year’s reception, Ton’s Snertmoment, The Stamppotten Moment and the Clubweekend. All these and many other activities can be found on the Event Calendar on our site. We also send the invitations for these Ride Outs and Events to all our members by e-mail.

The Ride Outs are mostly national, but we also have international multi-day Ride Outs. Such as the Super Rally of the FH-DCE.

If the H-DC Haguelands and its activities appeal to you, and you are interested in becoming a member, fill in the New Member Registration Form.


The FH-DCE is the largest community of fully independent Harley-Davidson Clubs (H-DC) in the world, with 38.000 members in 120 clubs from most European countries. They are the only motorcycle-loving organization allowed to use the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, USA name and logos.

Founded in 1991 and accepted under European law in 2000 as an E.E.I.G., a European economic interest group and therefore recognized and accepted under EU law. FH-DCE complies with EU standards regarding organization and the FH-DCE Super Rally® name and the FH-DCE logo are registered trademarks and the exclusive property of the FH-DCE member clubs.

The Federation is made up of real Harley Davidson Clubs. As a member of the FH-DCE you have support and a voice, both in the world of Harley Davidson and in the world of motorcycling. Riding a Harley Davidson gives you the opportunity to make new friends, discover other countries and explore different cultures.



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